Market Intelligence, Analysis, Comprehension

We quickly get you up to speed on the drivers and trends of the cannabis category

Branding: New, Cleaned-up or Renovated

Naming; Brand positioning; Logo; Voice; Character; Dress (colors, fonts, key art); Style Guides; etc.

New and Evolved Products

Based on research-based, high potential segments and identified white-space areas of opportunity. Product(s) identification and development, formula direction, packaging, photography. We work directly with your internal development team, or we bring in our own vetted contract manufacturing partners


Strategy, design, optimization

Social Media

Strategy, design, optimization

Story-telling and Content Creation

Retail Sell-in

Strategy, design and materials

Awareness Advertising/Marketing

We design compliant adverting programs that allow for broad brand awareness


Strategy and materials. In-store flyers, displays, promotions and education

Loyalty and Repeat-sales

Strategy, design, and materials