Finding The Perfect CBD Dose

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Helping customers find the right CBD dose helps enhance results and manage expectations for new users. Although much more research is needed, we’re starting to see anecdotal CBD dosing recommendations emerge - specifically for the management of anxiety and sleep.

Here’s where best practices seem to be as of today (let me know your thoughts below):

1. Start with 10mg/day of pure CBD (look for high-concentration, full-spectrum products, where the hemp is American grown). For average sized pets, start with 1mg/day at first.

2. Increase the amount by 2.5mg/wk until you find the right coping effect. Level out when you get to 1mg for every 10lbs of body weight.

For pets, level off at 1mg for every 1lb of body weight.

3. Take ½ the dose early in the day, the second at bedtime (especially for sleep issues)

4. Try different forms. Tinctures (oils/sprays), edibles (gummies, etc.) & vapes are processed differently by the body. Vaping is the fastest, ingestibles appear to last the longest — but can take at least a ½ hr to take effect.

Look for high CBD concentration products to minimize the amount of carrier oil (which can cause stomach discomfort).

Dosing is key to effective use. We’ll keep you posted as new recommendations emerge.

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