We help you create the smartest, most authentically persuasive branded argument to convince people to pick your products – again and again.

We strategically design branding to compete in today’s hottest cannabis segments.

We’ve created dozens of strong pre-made, brandable concepts to get you thinking, each capitalizing on a high-potential growth area in the exploding cannabis category.

All of our branding and marketing is rooted in consumer behavior, each concept is built strategically on aggregated data from leading cannabis research companies, like: BDS, Archview, Eaze, New Frontier, Leafly, and WeedMaps, among others.

Our team has created and evolved billion dollar brands for world-class marketers like: Dos Equis, Rolling Rock, Playboy, Segway, Sony, Campbell's, Dole, Mars, Mattel, Procter & Gamble, Sunkist, and many more.

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We are not only experts at developing strong brands, we’re experts at getting them to market fast & keeping them there.

Ask us about assistance with licensing and product creation, packaging design and printing, websites, social, all marketing and content. Everything you need to get to market fast.

Canna Vanna

Canna Vanna is designed to compete in the fast growing gummies segment. Gummies are a preferred consumption format because they are discreet, delicious and can be manufactured in micro-doses for anyone from novices to experienced users. It’s easy to remember and delivers an inherent sense of fun.

Happy Nibblers

Happy Nibblers is designed to compete in the fast growing pet CBD-based segment. CBD has been shown to reduce aggression and anxiety in pets and sells at premium margins. The pet CBD market is just getting started. We have many more options for the pet segment inside.


Designed to meet the consumer needs of delicious, discreet and convenient with no need for refrigeration. It’s an ideal form for micro-dosing (generally 2.5mgs/piece - about a ¼ of the recommended THC dose). This allows consumers at all experience levels to find their perfect dose.

Caramels are a fast growing consumer candy in the mass market, mimicking many of the same characteristics, and with much of the same potential, as chocolate — which is already the leading edible in the cannabis category. Carameled is fun and decedent to say. It’s easy to remember and can be used s a verb - “Get Carameled.”


Market Intelligence, Analysis, Comprehension

We quickly get you up to speed on the drivers and trends of the cannabis category

Branding: New, Cleaned-up or Renovated

Naming; Brand positioning; Logo; Voice; Character; Dress (colors, fonts, key art); Style Guides; etc.

New and Evolved Products

Based on research-based, high potential segments and identified white-space areas of opportunity. Product(s) identification and development, formula direction, packaging, photography. We work directly with your internal development team, or we bring in our own vetted contract manufacturing partners


Strategy, design, optimization

Social Media

Strategy, design, optimization

Story-telling and Content Creation

Retail Sell-in

Strategy, design and materials

Awareness Advertising/Marketing

Advertising programs that provide broad brand awareness and persuasion


Strategy and materials. In-store flyers, displays, promotions and education